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Date Field Type

Ideal for dates, will be translated into a date picker.

import {
} from "medusa-plugin-ultimate/dist/index";
    // required
    type: UltimateEntityFieldTypes.DATE,
    // options
    name?: string;
    description?: string;
    note?: string;
    group?: string;
@Column({ type: "timestamptz" })
expiration_date: Date;


  • type: UltimateEntityFieldTypes.DATE,
  • defaultValue: (optional)
  • name: (optional) override field name, will be displayed on the UI as a label.
  • description: (optional) to give more details about the field, will be displayed on the UI below the input.
  • note: (optional) displayed as a tooltip when the infos icon is hovered.
  • group: (optional) fields of the same group are displayed in the same block (details).

Example Use Cases

This field can be used for multiple things

  • Expiration Date of a notification

Illustrative Images