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Get Entity Documents

Get Your Entity Documents


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GET: <BACKEND_URL>/store/ultimate-entities/<ULTIMATE_ENTITY_ID>/documents

Path Variables

  • <BACKEND_URL>: your medusa backend URL.
  • <ULTIMATE_ENTITY_ID>: the entity ID.
  • <DOCUMENT_ID>: the entity document ID.


<field>string | string[]Any of your document field to filter on, example: title=brand-name-1,brand-name-2: will return all documents with one of this titles
limitnumberThe number of products to skip when retrieving the documents
offsetnumberHow much rows to skip.
orderstring | string[]A document field(s) to sort-order the retrieved documents by.
qstringUsed to search on documents fields specified in the @UltimateEntity decorator

Return Value

  documents: {
    id: string;
    // other fields of your entity
    created_at: Date;
    updated_at: Date;
    deleted_at: Date;


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